Joanna has a passion for living ~La Dolce Vita~ Italian style! As a former Certified Personal Trainer through the ISSA, she has always had an interest in fitness and wellness. After reading numerous diet and fitness books, and researching the subject herself, Joanna has realized that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t as difficult as it’s made to seem. Most programs are too strict, and let’s face it, Italians love to enjoy their lives! Rigid rules? Not for them!

Coming from an authentic Italian family who prides themselves on good food and good company, Joanna decided to create her Healthy Italian brand to show women and men how to apply an Italian mentality to food, life and love. She also believes that food made from the heart heals the body and soul, so she will share the benefits of her fresh and delicious ingredients. The results? Looking and feeling bella (or bello)! It's about living la bella vita!

Joanna has a background in publishing, marketing, and health. She is also a freelance writer, and has written for publications such as Westchester Magazine, Trendsetters Magazine, and, to name a few.

Joanna earned her M.S. in Publishing, and is currently working on her first book. She resides in New York with her family.